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To make technology accessible and empowering for all, through innovative and reliable solutions that simplify complexity and remove confusion.



To drive business growth worldwide by delivering cutting-edge technology solutions and expert guidance. We strive to be a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, fostering a culture of excellence, collaboration, and innovation.

About Us

At the heart of our Nabu IT Solutions is a partnership between two close friends who share a passion for technology and a commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we founded our company with a vision to offer end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We work closely with our clients to identify their business requirements and design custom solutions that deliver results.
We work closely with our international partners from Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Poland and the US, to provide personalized attention to every project and deliver quality results on time and within budget.

Core Team

M. Ganodi

Managing Director

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Equipped with 3 years of solid experience in Product Management, and a Master’s degree in Technology Management, I co-founded Nabu to share my experience with our clients.
I have previously worked in the Renewable Energy sector in Austria as a Product Manager of NREG GmbH’s energy monitoring and tokenization system, where I have gained experience developing near 7-figure-worth of software for us as well as our clients.
Having been on both sides of the fence, I can seamlessly put myself into our clients’ shoes to have full understanding of their goals, then provide them with the best resources to achieve them.

Al Ayad

Technical Director

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I bring a strong background in Mechatronics Engineering and over 3 years of experience in Custom Software Development. Prior to co-founding Nabu, I worked at Meta's e-Commerce department, where I have gained invaluable experience in delivering innovative solutions for small, medium and large businesses.
With a passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, I work closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and design custom solutions that exceed their expectations. I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality services.

Mirabelle Böhm

Creative Director

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Experienced in Social Media Management, Graphic Design & PR

Ahmad Al-Khdhairawi

Marketing Manager

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+6 years experience in Digital Marketing & Project Management


Warren Lafortune

Business Development Manager

+2 years experience in
Business Development


Nicky Salome

Sales Manager

+6 years experience in Business Development, Sales & Finance

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